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Over one thousand years ago the Great Empire ruled over the known world form the Eastern Ocean to the World Spine Mountains. It was a golden age of magic, science and peace, never seen before or since. The Circle of Magicks, Masters of all forms of mystic arts advised the Emporer, whom ruled well and benevolently. Until the day that the Chaos swept over the world and destroyed reality.
Filchar, a young Wizard of great potential, as well as the youngest man to ever join the Circle, theorized that a magical artifact could be created that would embody Reality itself. This would allow the Circle to alter Reality in any way they chose, for the betterment of mankind and the Empire.
He was, of course, shouted down, as most of the Circle believed this was a fools idea, never possible. Besides messing with Reality was a foolish idea. What if something went wrong? But Filchar was a cunning young man. Unfortunately no one realized quite how cunning, nor what his plans truly where.
The young Wizard then went to the twelve greatest, most powerful members of the Circle of Magicks. Using a combination of diplomacy, bribery, and appealing to their vanity, he convinced them to work with him in building the Seal of Reality in secret.
After many years of work the Seal was completed and the thirteen called a Circle meeting. All the members of the Circle where believed to have been present at that meeting, including the Emporer himself. As the conspirators uncovered the Seal of Reality itself the Circle went into an uproar. Hadn’t they forbidden this? Before anyone could do, or say anything, Filchar stepped forward and shattered the Seal, breaking Reality itself. Chaos rushed into the world, changing and mutating everything.
The twelve Magicians responsible for creating the Seal were obliterated instantly. As was almost the entire Circle itself. A few of the masters managed to teleport the Emporer to safety and/or save themselves.
In a desperate move, the remaing members of the circle erected the Ward Walls, barriers of Order magic, to hold back the Chaos. They managed to save the Capitol of the Empire as well as the magical city of the mages, White Cove. Unfortunately most of the surviving Mages died in the efforts to erect the walls. Meanwhile the Emporer rallied the Imperial army and turned back the tide of Chaos monsters that erupted into the world with the Great Sundering.
After nearly twenty years the walls had been stabilized and the Army was again strong enough to hold back the monsters. They then began the slow, generation spanning effort to push back the Chaos and reclaim the lost Empire.
In a series of stages, sections of the Walls are pushed back. Then the Imperial Army moves in to clean out the Chaos beasts and monsters uncovered, and mages are sent in to clean up any impurities in the land itself, to get it prepared for colonization. This strategy has worked well for nearly a thousand years.
In this time many new races have been uncoved. The first where the Elves of the Tir Asleen Forest. Followed not long after by the discovery of the Dwarves of the Shatterpeak mountains. Even more races followed. It took the Mages of White Cove little time to realize that these new races where the people of the Empire, altered by the shape twisting powers of Chaos. They had adapted to survive in their environments. The newest member race to join the New Empire are the reptilian Lomderites of the Cir crest Isles.
Fifty years ago the Walls to the south and west had been pushed back only to meet up with the walls of what appears to have been a pocket of the Old Empire. In the thousand years since the coming of Chaos they had remained isolated, believing they where the sole survivors of the Empire, thanks to their Gods. These cities became the Ourdi. Initial contact was violent, as the Ourdi believe themselves to be the chosen people and have no wish to rejoin the corrupted Empire that allowed the Chaos into the world to begin with. The New Empire has recognized the independence of the Ourdi, rather than was effort and manpower to congour them.
Until last year, Emporer Jolal Miatomi ruled the Empire when he was assassinated. His son, Sauske Miatomi has since ascended to the Silver Throne. The Empire itself prepares for another push of the Ward Walls, this time in the north west region. This is an exciting time to be alive. Intrigue in the cities, the preparations for the expansion and the search for artifacts and knowledge on the other side of the walls. Prepare yourself adventurer! The Empire needs you!

Celestial Empire of Jade