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The mechanics of this world are very similar to that of real world RPG like video games. People are born having jobs (classes), they have Stats, Levels, and Status windows they can open. There are magics that can let one see the status of other people or items, but in general this cannot be done.

The Jobs are mainly the NPC classes, Villager being the most common. Even NPCs that later have other Jobs, such as thief, Priest or Guard have started and have 1- 5 levels of Villager.

Second most common would be Farmer, there are normally born to parents the own or work on Farms, leading some to speculate that a person cannot or should not seek to rise above one’s station in life. Quite literally, the Celestial Bureaucracy has determined what you are to be, and to seek to against that, to a point, is a sin against Karma and shall get one shunned.
On occasion a person is born with a more advanced Job, such as Mage, Warrior, Priest, ect. These people are exalted usually, and are treated well and sent for the proper training, generally leading to some sort of leading role in society.

People from Noble families or Houses and, to a lesser extent, powerful or well off Merchant families are born with the equivalent Job. Nobles, specifically, have more opportunities to gain more advanced Jobs later in life, such as Fighter, Cleric or Wizard. Some of these people, if born with sufficient talent can even gain secondary or even tertiary Jobs (prestige classes, second or third base classes, ect.).

The stand out are Adventurers. These people buck the social norms and systems. With a stronger will they are able to convert their birth Jobs to an advanced Job (Fighter, Wizard, and so on). Having stepped out of the Jobs given to them by the Celestial Bureaucracy, they tend to be shunned as unlucky, tainted or dangerous malcontents.

During the efforts to stave off the Chaos when it swept over the land and in the years of the desperate battles to push it back, these people where exalted as heroes. But once the stability of the Ward Walls was obtained, most of these people where unable or unwilling to go back to their old lives.

As such they banded to gather to form the first Adventurer’s Guild, which exists still today. The Guild has branches in nearly every city, town and/or village of the Empire. Here the rouge elements that are Adventurers gather. People bring requests they need done, usually things from retrieving medical grasses, moving boxes or finding lost pets for the lower levels, to monster subjugation or escorts for the middle ranks, even such things as stopping monster hoards or defeating large, powerful monster such as Dragons and the like.

Some few of these are welcomed to stay in their original or sometimes other villages, to settle or work. These people tend to be champions of those villages or protectors, usually when they retire.

The exception from this malice is the Holy Jobs. Jobs such as Cleric, Paladin, or Druid, are those chosen by the Gods to be their instruments in the world of men. Especially Paladins, as they are expected to be Heroes, like those from the Old Age as read in stories.

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